Lumi FAQ

Do I need a valid email and credit card for my free account or free trial? Free accounts do not require a credit card. For trials on paid accounts, you do need to input a valid credit card (with valid billing address) or use Paypal. Your credit card with be authorized for $1, but will not be charged unless to keep your subscription past the free trial period.
How many devices does my account support? Free accounts have no device limits. Pro accounts have 1 Pro license per subscription quantity. To add more devices, go to our store and increase the subscription quantity. You can use the Devices page to assign your Pro Licenses to individual Lumi TV devices.
Can I have some devices on Pro and others on the Free account? Yes! When you have a Pro subscription, all your devices default to the free Base license. You can assign which devices have the Pro license on the Devices page. Licenses can be reassigned as needed.
Who can purchase Lumi TV hardware? Lumi TV can be purchased by CMS vendors, professional installers, commercial buyers, or any other qualified purchaser. Please contact if you are interested in purchasing Lumi TV hardware.
How much does Lumi TV cost? Lumi TV pricing is based on many factors including order quantity, customization, and reseller status. For budgetary purposes, you can safely assume that Lumi TV will be a better value than other professional signage hardware. Please contact to discuss your needs and receive a full quote.
Can Lumi scripts turn my TV on and off remotely? Yes, please see our reference docs for information.
Can Lumi TV display image slideshows, videos, and web pages by itself? Yes! Lumi TV has a built cloud scriptable player which supports all these. For more advanced functionality, you can use any CMS application which runs on Android. Many options can be automatically installed and controlled by your Provisioning Profiles.
How do I setup screens for vertically mounted TVs? Lumi is the perfect solution for vertically mounted TVs. In your provisioning profile, just set "rotation" to 90 or 270. Many CMS applications, such as SplashTiles, will automatically format your media to fit the rotated display.
Will Lumi TV work on touch screen TVs? Absolutely! Just make sure you are using a touch bezel or overlay with a USB output (connect to Lumi TV USB port).
How do I transfer devices between different accounts? Just DELETE the device from the Devices page in the first account. Then add it using the normal method in the new account.
Can I force Lumi TV to only run a specific app? This is the KIOSK mode feature. Enable KIOSK mode in your Provisioning Profile, and select which app(s) can run. This mode secures your Lumi TV device against tampering. Please see our Security Recommendations for more details
Can I sideload apps to Lumi TV? Of course! First enable ADB in your Provisioning Profile or Lumi Launcher settings. Then connect via ADB and load your app.
Why is Google Play not included? Google Play is a convienent method to install apps on devices. However, it also includes a lot of background "infomation gathering" processes that many businesses would not like to have on their networks. Lumi TV specifically removes all this adware and bloatware, and will only run the applications you specifically install.
Can I use Lumi Cloud Remote control to control Slideshow (local signage app)? Of course! The best way is using the Webhooks for Slideshow's API. In Remote Control, the command is ProtocolCMD => Run Webhook. For the parameter, just paste the HTTP command from the Slideshow API. For the IP address, you can use (local loopback) instead of the actual IP since it is local.